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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is LifeBox?

LifeBox is a better, simpler way to improve your health. It's a special form of fasting called fasting mimicking - a method that delivers the true metabolic and cellular benefits of prolonged fasting while minimizing the burden of it (you get some food, so you feel better and have more energy).

Who should LifeBox?

LifeBox is for everyone! If you are tired of dieting, or struggling with high blood sugar or high cholesterol, or just want to lose some weight LifeBox is for you. For an overview of everything LifeBox will do for you, see here .

Is LifeBox a diet?

No. LifeBox is more akin to fasting. It's has the same biological effects and health benefits as a fast, but you get some food - which makes it doable.

What's in the box?

The box contains everything you will need for your 5 day fast. Contents are all-natural plant-based food products that provide the micronourishment to reduce the physical burden of fasting.

Everything is ready to eat so no cooking involved. Learn more about your box contents and why they were chosen.

How are your products selected?

There's a lot that goes in to this. First, products must meet our nutritional criteria (caloric profile and macronutrient balance), after that we focus on other factors such as taste! Read the full explanation of why what's in your box matters.

How can you be sure that LifeBox works?

Each member of the LifeBox team fasts every month, and it has brought amazing improvement to our health - Dr. Gill finally conquered pre-diabetes .

More importantly LifeBox works becuase it is based on scientific research. We explain it here.

What should I expect when I LifeBox?

Glad you asked! Your LifeBox will arrive with a Guide inside covering best practices and what to expect from your week. If you would like to see it now: Guide to a Week with LifeBox.

You can also read this post, it talks about what to expect from the actual experience.

And most importantly, read this post where we explain the benefits of LifeBox

What about the weeks when I’m not doing LifeBox?

Also important. The beauty of LifeBox is that after your five days you are able to resume your normal diet!

That being said, we're all about making LifeStyle changes. And that's one of things we will talk about during your coaching sessions.

Privacy Policy

We collect your imformation only with your consent; we only collect the minimum amount of information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with us; we don't sell to third parties; and we only use it internally in order to fulfill our services to you.

Subscription Info

How does the subscription work?

After you decide what you want to improve, choose the plan that matches. Place your order, and we deliver your box with everything you need exactly when you need it.

How often do I receive a LifeBox?

It depends on which plan you select! The Body Recomposition Plan is delivered once every 2 weeks. The Weight Loss Plan and Metabolic Reset Plan are delivered once per month. The Longevity Boost Plan is delivered once every 3 months.

When do I receive LifeBox?

Your LifeBox will be delivered within 2 to 4 days after you place your order.

Can I give LifeBox to a friend?

What are you trying to say?? Just kidding, we are working on this. LifeBox gifting is coming soon.

How do I cancel my subscription?

For all changes to subscriptions, Log into your account . Once logged in, you will see 'My Subscriptions’ on the left hand side. Click EDIT and you can make adjustments. LifeBox’s cancellation policy is outlined below.

Cancellation Policy

LifeBox subscriptions automatically renew for the duration associated with each plan. After that your subscription is automatically cancelled. If you would like to cancel your subscription before the end of your plan, see the section immediately above this for instructions on how to do so.

I didn’t receive my box this month. Help!

Send an email directly to

Orders & Payments

Can I order two subscriptions at a time?

Yes! You can subscribe for two boxes at a time! When you sign up for your subscription you will be asked for how many people you would like to subscribe. You will receive one box per person per month.

When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?

Once you place an order, you will be billed each time a box ships.

Unless you prepay, then you will be billed for all the boxes up front. Why would you do this? Because you recieve 10% off your order!

I need to change my credit card information. Where can I do that?

No problem. You can edit all your billing information from your account page.

I forgot my username or password. What do I do?

Click on the login icon at the top right of our homepage. On the login page there is a link where you can request an email to be sent to the account holder's email address prompting you to reset your password.

Shipping Info

What are your shipping costs?

To keep things simple, we charge a flat rate $10 shipping. To everywhere in the continental US.

Does LifeBox deliver all over the world?

Currently LifeBox is only available to the continental United States. With growing demand, we would love to include other countries as well. If you are interested in having Lifebox delivered outside the United States, please follow us on social media and send us a note at to let us know.

What shipping courier do you use?

We use USPS for our monthly shipments. Please track your package on the USPS website and look for a notice from USPS if you think you've missed your delivery.

How can I track my order?

When your order shipped, you should have received an email with tracking information. If you didn't for some reason, or if you've misplaced it, please email us at and we will find it for you.

I need to change my shipping address. What do I do?

To change your shipping address, simply log into your account and click on the EDIT button next to your shipping address. If it’s after the 16th, it’s always a good idea to send a quick message to us at and we’ll confirm that your next box ends up in the right place!


Can I follow LifeBox on social media?

Absolutely. Follow us on any of your favorite platforms, or on all of them!




Google +


Can I write for your blog or submit content for your social media pages?

Yes and Yes! If you are passionate about fasting, longevity, and the interplay of nutrition and lifestyle and would like to guest blogger for LifeBox, please send us an email with your qualifications and a short list of potential topics. We will review and respond to all requests. Please email us at

If you would like to submit photos for our Instagram page, simply post the photo on your own page with a @lifeboxdiet tag and, if appropriate, we will re-gram and credit you for the submission. If you have suggested content for Facebook (, please tag us in your post, message us, or email us directly at Spreading the word about the end of dieting is a team effort!

Can I suggest ways to improve LifeBox?

Please do! If you want to recommend new product to consider, ways to improve the experience, or ideas for rest periods between fast days …please let us know! You can tag us in a product image on Instagram (@lifeboxdiet) or Facebook (, or email your suggestions to

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