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Everyone diets at one point or another. And not because anyone likes dieting, but because if you want to improve your health then what else are you going to do?

A few years ago we became desperately frustrated with this “dead end” for health improvement options.

We had tried every diet and healthy lifestyle imaginable: atkins, keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, weight watchers - you name it.

We tried all these because we were looking for something natural that could address our high blood sugar (pre-diabetes) - it runs in the family so despite staying thin, eating healthy, and being exercise fanatics we still ran high blood sugar.

Besides, there is more to health than just weight loss!

We wanted something that could help us manage our weight, yes, but could also lower our blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, boost our energy, prevent age related diseases, and help us live longer. Oh, and that didn’t kill our social life!

That’s why we created LifeBox.
  • Because we believe that great health makes for a great life.
  • That great health is about more than just weight loss.
  • And that improving your health should be easy, and shouldn’t suck the fun out of life.

  • Spreading Knowledge & Inspiration

    Meet the Team

    Here at LifeBox we’re all one family, literally, we’re the Gills.

    We created LifeBox by combining our years of experience in healthcare, weight loss, aesthetics, nutrition, fitness, and fasting with our passion for helping others become better versions of themselves.


    Austin wears many hats. He’s our Director, writer, nutritionist, and health coach! He keeps it all organized through his obsession with Slack. When he isn’t blogging or answering phone calls and emails, you can catch Austin nose deep in a new book or at the gym throwing some weight around.
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    Grant is our Creative Director. He's the artist in the family who spends his free time seeking inspiration from solo backpacking adventures through Europe. Grant is currently studying sculpture and teaching English in Slovakia as a Fulbright Scholar.
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    Dr. Marlin Gill is our Medical Director. He founded Gill Family Medicine, the general practice and weight loss clinic where he gained years of experience used to create LifeBox. When he’s not dreaming up new ways to improve his patients' quality of life, he can be found somewhere in the rockies, skies afoot.


    Affectionately referred to as Coco - as in Chanel - around the office, Elaine owns Elamar, a beautiful medical spa whose front lobby she converted into a fashion boutique. As a connoisseur of all things exquisite, she insists that LifeBox contents be delicious. And that adorable little pup is Darcy - yes after Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice is her fave.

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