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Video | What's a Biomarker?

Jan 12, 2017 | Austin Gill

This is the first video in my new series, Longevity Biomarkers 101. 

I'm pumped about this series, and think it is going to be super useful for you.

But first, I need to define "Longevity" and "Biomarker" - because what even is a biomarker?

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Notes and Further Reading

DefinitionLongevity: The number of healthy years you live. Healthspan.

DefinitionBiomarker: A measurable indicator of normal biological processes. Anything you can use to get an accurate picture of your health. A measurement that tells you how healthy you are.

Putting these two definitions together allows us to focus on measuring your health indicators in order to devise specific actions that will add healthy years to your life.

How exciting!

Here are some extra resources in case you'd like to read more about biomarkers.


Austin Gill

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