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The Guide: How to Fast with LifeBox

Sep 12, 2016 | Austin Gill

Welcome to the LifeBox Guide.

The guide below contains everything you need to know to get started with LifeBox. It briefly covers why we do what we do, offers a few tips to improve your fast, and contains a checklist of the items that you should receive in your box.

You'll get a printed copy of the guide in your LifeBox; you can also click here to download a pdf version.

If you still have questions after reviewing the guide, check our FAQ.

And for anything you can't find an answer to you can always email us at:





If you'd like more detail about the specific items inside the box, you can find that here.

And most importantly, if you haven't already, Order a LifeBox!


Stay Young,

Austin Gill

Austin Gill

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