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LifeBox Coaching Sessions, Meet Your Coach!

Oct 10, 2016 | Austin Gill

Hey! Austin here . . . and I'm super excited to tell all about coaching.

Coaching is a major reason the LifeBox System works so well, it's how we bring everything together to form a plan of action unique to each person.

You get to talk to me directly and you'll have direct access to me throughout the entire Rejuvenation Plan (3 months).

So here's an overview of what I'll be helping you think through and some of the principles we'll use to take your personal health challenges on.

But first, the important stuff - a little bit about me!  😉

Meet Austin

I'm not sure why I have a pineapple on my head here. Apparently I thought it was cool at the time, and I do love pineapples.

Anyway, I'm a fitness enthusiast, continual self-experimenter, fasting expert, the creator of LifeBox, and (most importantly) a real person.

I point that out because I, like you, enjoy life. I like going to dinner with friends and I love ice cream, so naturally I hate diets that restrict those things. More about that later.

I've spent years working in the weight loss and aesthetics industries growing familiar with the difficulties and challenges people face when trying to improve their health. 

Most health improvement methods fail - they don’t work, are too difficult, are too complicated, or are unsustainable over time . . . or all of those.

I created LifeBox because we needed something better.

The LifeBox System can help you improve your health, lose weight, prevent disease and chronic illness, and stay healthier for longer without sucking all the fun out of life.

Health improvement shouldn’t be a burden or make your life harder. It should be doable, simple, fit into your schedule (not make you fit your schedule around it), improve your quality of life, be guilt free, and it should enable you to better accomplish your personal goals!

I help people achieve their health goals by teaching them how to use the practice of fasting mimicking and to develop sustainable healthy habits for both nutrition and lifestyle.

Fun facts: When I'm not blogging (for LifeBox) or coaching, I spend my free time in the gym or reading the latest David Mitchell Novel. I also love backpacking and beach volleyball, even though I'm extremely average at both.

How Coaching Works

Preparing You to Succeed with Fasting Mimicking

Fasting mimicking is the cornerstone of our system, we we want to make sure you are prepared to put it to work for you and maximize your experience.

I go into the details of fasting mimicking in another post, which you can find here

It's most basic purpose, however, is to make fasting more doable - so you can get all the health and longevity benefits of fasting without the full burden of it.

That being said, fasting mimicking is no walk in the park. It's a serious intervention for people who are serious about improving their health and staying young for a longer time.

To get you ready we'll discuss:

  • Preparing beforehand
    • Getting mentally ready
    • Prepping your environment to minimize distraction and temptation
    • Setting expectations
  • Things to know during the fast
    • How your sleep will affect your fast
    • Things you can and can't (or shouldn't) drink
    • Minimizing stress
    • Dealing with hunger
    • How mindfulness can enhance the experience
  • What to do afterward
    • How to successfully break your fast
    • How to improve your second fast
    • Reflecting on the experience
    • How to apply what you've learned to other areas of life

You'll also be able to ask me any other questions you may have.

After this, you will be fully prepared to successfully fasting mimic.

Developing Healthy Habits

Sustainability is how we build a healthy life that we enjoy, and habits are the key.

Habits are tiny actions taken each day, automatically. They are the things you do naturally. Your routine. They are your identity.

It's estimated that habits account to up to 40 percent of what you do everyday!

I'm going to teach you scientifically proven techniques to develop new, healthy habits.

LifeBox is spaced so you have 21 days between each fasting mimicking cycle, and while 21 days isn't quite long enough to form a new habit it's a great place to start (you actually need about 2 months).

Here are a few principles we'll be using:

  • ONE Thing
    • One of the reasons people fail to change their routines is that they try too many things at once. Focus on one thing at a time. I'll help you decide how to choose your one thing.
  • Start Small
    • Just like doing too many things at once, starting too big can get you overwhelmed. The goal isn't to choose what will have the greatest impact, it's to choose what has the greatest likelihood of sticking.
    • Most people assume that small things don't matter, and while they may not make a bid difference along there is power in numbers. 5 tiny habits that last a lifetime are exponentially more powerful than 1 big habit that lasts a year.
    • Will power is like a muscle. The more you exercise it the bigger it gets. Accomplishing one small habit will give you more strength to take on the next one, and the next, and the next . . .
  • Triple R's
    • Reminder: How to set up triggers for the desired action or habit.
    • Routine: The action itself.
    • Reward: Something positive for completing the action that will encourage you and train your brain to associate good things with the new habit.
  • Environment
    • Our environments have a huge impact on our behaviors. Both physical, the things around us, and social, the people around us. I'll teach you how to improve your environment for greater chance of success.
  • Preparing to Fail
    • This is not the same thing as expecting to fail. Planning to fail is looking ahead towards things that could throw you off track: emergencies, business lunches, last minute schedule changes, etc. By preparing ahead of time for contingencies you'll be better able to overcome them and keep charging towards your goal.
  • Patience
    • Results don't appear over night. And not much worth doing is easy. A key to sticking with your new objectives is setting expectations and understanding that true change takes time.

This is only a fraction of habit formation psychology. If you are interested in reading more, and hopefully you are because it's a fascinating topic! I highly recommend the series on habits by James Clear.

Moving on, we'll apply these principles to two areas, Nutrition and Lifestyle.


I'm a paleo fan. Eating whole foods while avoiding sugar and grains is the best way to get balanced nutrition.

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to go paleo tomorrow. It's just the quickest way to describe my nutritional beliefs. 

We will talk through your dietary habits, what your eating looks like day-to-day so I can help you decide where to start improving in order to reach your goals.

Do you want to lose weight? Boost your energy? Sleep better? Improve athletic performance? Restore hormone balance? Or just focus on staying healthy?

These are all things that can be addressed with nutrition, I'll show you how.


Lifestyle factors play a huge role in our health. That includes stress levels, sleep quality, exercise, and all other non-nutrition activities.

We'll talk about ways to:

  • Minimize stress
  • Improve stress resistance
  • Morning routines
  • Nighttime routines
  • Improve Sleep
  • Creating more time for recreation

And of course, anything else you'd like to discuss.

To reiterate, my goal is to help you create a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. One that works for you. 

Coaching is how I do that.

Now the obligatory shameless plug, if this sounds great to you (cause it does right?!) you can get access by subscribing to the rejuvenation plan. Just click on the image below.


Stay Young,




    Disclaimer. I'm not a doctor, or a registered dietitian. I’m a concerned citizen and avid self-experimenter who recognized a better way to help people achieve the health they want and live the life they want. My expertise is self taught, but the methods I use have all been extensively studied in scientific and clinical settings -  I deal with facts, not theories. LifeBox also has a physician advisory board that provides counsel where necessary. That being said, it's best to talk with a  trusted health practitioner about things you're trying, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Austin.

    Austin Gill

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