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Health is Hard

Health is Hard

LifeBox Makes it Easier

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Our system is designed to optimize your health for the sake of longevity and life enjoyment.

Fasting Mimicking

Fasting is the best thing you can do for your health, but it's hard. Fasting mimicking makes it easy - you get all the benefits of fasting with none of the burden.
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Healthy Habits

Learn the tricks of habit formation to build a healthy diet and lifestyle that last. Eat healthier, sleep better and lower stress without getting overwhelmed.

Personalized Coaching

We tailor our system to your specific needs and goals through one-on-one coaching with longevity experts.
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Longevity Biomarkers 101

Blood sugar is more important than you might think. Everyone should measure it. Austin explains how to do that and how to put your results into action.
"I felt like LifeBox "reset" my body so to speak! Limiting sugar for 5 days really boosted my energy; I didn't even feel the 3:00 slump. And the real icing on this cake? I am helping my body achieve the longevity I so desire!"

– Vicki Stephenson

"My results from LifeBox were amazing, and the best part is how easy it is when ALL of your meals are sent to you! After my 5 days I felt more energetic, and was healthier and thinner than I have been in a long time. It really made me re-think how I treat my body on a daily basis."

– Anna Beth Reece

Renew Your Health & Keep Your Happiness

LifeBox packs more benefits than any diet ever could and doesn't cramp your style.

LifeBox Rejuvenation Plan

LifeBox Rejuvenation Plan

Our total health system for losing weight, preventing disease, and living longer without sucking the fun out of life.

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LifeBox Longevity Plan

A slightly more relaxed system to help you maintain optimal health - the follow up to our Rejuvenation Plan.

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LifeBox Longevity Plan
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Perfectly Priced

Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. LifeBox is priced well below the average cost for 1 week of food. And since you only eat what’s in the box, you won’t be spending money on anything else.

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